Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Missing you!

Oh my dear one, I am missing you badly.
What did you not do for me.
You were with me in rain, thunder or sun.
You never said no to me, and came with me wherever I wished to go.
You were always there for me, and now, even a day without you, is so much lonely.
You have become so much a part of my life, please come back soon!

See here the one I am missing:- My bike! I have given it to servicing.


Faith Lasts said...

LOL. cool and yes I so understand what you mean..I too have an activa..Its the best!
You know what I loved mine so much that I gave it for servicing only once, 5 free services I didn't use.
Yet its still going strong at 2 years old

Abhay Karnataki said...

So true. One day, it rained heavily in Bangalore. On the main road, there was some 5 inch water and when a car would go on other side of the road, water would spil over the road divider. It was fun to watch. Sabari and I were going to his home.
Then, when we took the narrower lanes, the water got deeper and deeper, because the roads there were in a shallower place! And it reach the footrest, and ho! The Activa still drove for sometime, before getting to a halt because of water drag. We had reached knee deep water, and had to walk down till home in that water!

To my surprise, next day the Activa gave no problem in starting whatsover! Now that's called some good technology!

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