Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Lonnng Weekend : - Part 2

That night my parents came. My mother complimented me for keeping the room clean and shining, which I had done because they were coming! They had got me some nice sweets. Saw their photos in the trip to Ladakh. Its a simply beautiful place to visit...

My father has become such a fantastic photographer! I love this color combination.

A lonely bird!

They went to the highest motorable road.
And to the wagah border....
And to the Golden Temple in Amritsar!

Parents are such a nice gift. First they give you birth, and then for all your life they offer you the best of the things they can give. Hardly anything to take back. What after all, can one give back to the parents. Its amazing, most of my previous visits to parents, I used to have some "other" things more important, the movies, the friends and so on. This time I spent every minute with them, and it was amazing! I didn't have to ask for anything, they were showering things and love! We did shopping, ate out...

Next day we saw "The Black Knight". Good directions, fast actions, too much of sound effects, sometimes scary, not recommended for the weak heart. I liked what the joker said,"I am here to disrupt the plans of the schemers!" So many times we keep planning and planning, and don't actually do something. The Joker who does things without much planning, creates so much havoc in the movie. Of course, the fantastic villain raises the black knight to his best performance!

Next thing on the list was an ashram visit, to see Guruji. However it was too late, and I realised that if one wants to be with divine, one needs to give the divine the highest priority.
What we did instead was another exciting thing, more about it coming up soon!


Lynn said...

Being a good daughter or son is the best gift we can give our parents for all the hard work that they've done to us.

Nice pictures you've got.

Abhay Karnataki said...

Well Said, Lynn. All they want from us to see us happy!

Their trip to Himalyas and the photos there are so nice, I feel like going to a place with snow!

Unknown said...

You mean "The Dark Knight", right? :-)
You have adventurous parents :-) Nice to see their enthusiasm! What's the next destination? Why not gift uncle an SLR on his next birthday? :-)

vivek barun said...

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Abhay Karnataki said...

Rintu: yeah... that's "Dark Knight"..! hmmm... gifting an SLR Sounds great!

Vivek: That's an excellent idea. I will get back to you on this.

Faith Lasts said...

These pics seem like they are painted. Pretty cool!

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