Sunday, August 31, 2008


Indian Classical Dance is an amazing dance form. Bharatnatyam, a geometrically asthetic dance form, encorporates Natyam:- the play, into the dance. Few days ago I was lucky to go with my parents to see the performance by Vishwa Bharathi Natya Shala students. This is dance academy run by my friend Nirupama's Mother, and they did an excellent performance. Colorful costumes, fantastic beats and rythmic movements. Excellent coordination in the group, and meaninful facial expressions in the solo. Anyone who has ever took part in a dance would know how much efforts have gon in! An audio visual treat.


Faith Lasts said...

An Audio-Visual treat. I bet.
"Bharatanatyam is the manifestation of the ancient idea of the celebration of the eternal universe through the celebration of the beauty of the material body"

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