Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who are your Heros/ Heroines?

Whom do you adore, hold high?
Who are your ideals, the stars in your life?


Unknown said...

Guruji is God...

so heroes..hmm top of the list would be Michael Jordan, he was a genius, an artist and a fighter all combined into one...whenever there would be a situatin where one would go "Theres no way Mike can get out of this one", he would pull off something completely mindblowing and breathtaking. He could win in any situation an inspiration through and through

Faith Lasts said...

O Abhay! You have got me thinking man.
Yup Abhishek totally agree with you

Abhay Karnataki said...

I saw the wiki entry on Michael Jordan. Nice to read. He seems to certify that "a strong mind lives in a strong body"!

ya i am really curious to know who are our heroes and heroines... as they somehow shape our lives.

My heroes are the people who have actually taught me something new. And heroines... well there is a big list! :) Starts with the girl who taught me how to play chess!

Unknown said...

Why not have a blog entry on your heroes (and heroines :-) ). Will be an interesting piece to read :-)

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