Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anything blocking!?

Our body is far from being a solid rock kind. It is more like a sponge. There are lots of channels and lot of space inside. They say if we were to compactify the material of our body, it would fit in a matchbox.

When something in your body is blocking the space, you get diseases. If nose is blocked, you have cold. If blood vessels are blocked, you get heart attack. When the digestive track is blocked, indigestion is happening, you get stomach ache. When there are blocks in urinary track, you get stones.

Water is the medicine, God is the doctor. Drink plenty of water daily, and keep in company of the Divine!


Faith Lasts said...

Jai Gurudev
Very well said :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool Post!

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

In Indian traditional medicine, we are always asked to drink water in moderation. As little as possible infact.

Abhay Karnataki said...

@ bhaw, Aparna: thank you! :)

@ LVS:- not so quite, dear. in fact water is the best cleanser. it has to run outside the body (in bath) and through the body also.
Water facilitates digestion, blood purification, absorption of minerals into body.It helps body cooling in hot weather and less water can cause acidity, if not due to food from outside body, but also from the gastric juices in the body itself.
An indicator of whether you are drinking enough water is wheter your water secretion is colorless or not.
Atleast 4-6 litres of water needs to be taken daily.
of course, one needs to take care of the TIMING of drinking water. before food it will put off the gastric fire. after food, it will dilute the acids necessary for digestion. So it IS said that you shouldn't drink water during and in half hour visinity of meals.
So one or two meals a day with lots of water seems to be a healthy choice. :) though not so easy to practise!

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