Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Oh, you love me so much!" :)

There was a time when people were shy to express their love. So the "I love you"s became fashionable.
Now its time to recognise other people's love by conveying to them, "Oh, You love me so much!"
Often people are seen making effort to prove their love, and its nearly an impossible task, since its beyond proof or logic. If you recognize other people's love, then they will be free from a burden to prove it, and more love will flow to you!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Shower of Problems!

I have been utterly blessed with all sorts of problems this month:- health, work, ... you name it!
I feel fortunate because these make me recall the divine--- and really get close to the divine!
It shakes me from the fantasies and wakes me up to the reality.
And the divine doesn't give just problems, He offers solutions, and take you to bliss also!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anything blocking!?

Our body is far from being a solid rock kind. It is more like a sponge. There are lots of channels and lot of space inside. They say if we were to compactify the material of our body, it would fit in a matchbox.

When something in your body is blocking the space, you get diseases. If nose is blocked, you have cold. If blood vessels are blocked, you get heart attack. When the digestive track is blocked, indigestion is happening, you get stomach ache. When there are blocks in urinary track, you get stones.

Water is the medicine, God is the doctor. Drink plenty of water daily, and keep in company of the Divine!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Health - II

Fermented food will require you longer time for digestion. Like Idly which is made out of fermented base.

Our body is alkaline and most of the food that we take is acidic. Even milk is acidic! This is only a relative comparison, when compared to our body. All boiled or roasted or fried food is acidic. So body has to do extra work to convert it from acidic to alkaline and then it becomes part of body. This requires extra energy and gives rise to tiredness.

Different parts in our body have different envioronments. Stomach is acidic, Intenstines are alkaline. Motion of food in intenstines happens only if it is alkaline. Thus a highly acidic food gives constipation. Food stays longer in stomach and causes vomitting sensations. Acidic food if made to pass through the intenstines, burns out cells leading to damage of internal boundaries of intenstine.
When you turn to right and left while sleeping, you add motion of food in intenstines with help of gravity.

Since most of the food is Acidic, it leaves only the choice of Fruits, Salad and Sprouts as alkaline food. Keeping a proportion of 60% alkaline 40% acidic relieves you from acidity and indigestion.
Further it saves body's energy, which can then be used to repair its wear and tear and expand the stamina.
Alkaline food is easiest remedy that can be implimented without much preparation, one just needs to keep track of the proportion of alkaline and acidic.

All that is taken in has to either get converted in part of body or removed out of body. Any residues cause stress. Same holds true for emotions that come up.

Vegetarian diet has full width of all proteins, vitamins needed for the body. However, in a modern day life one is taking a repeated diet of selected ingredients like a daily breakfast only of idly vada or something else. Then the Veg meal doesn't give all the required nutrients. One needs to make sure that variety of cereals, grains are taken in. Dryfruits and nuts also.
As such our body has a capacity that it can absorb all the elements directly from space through breath itself. However, till we learn that, one needs to have wholesome diet!
Sometimes one can take a full dose of multivitamins, under guidance of a physician.
While building body muscles, this is necessary. Else few cramps or muscle pull pains would put you off the track to build your body.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Health - I

If you have vomitting or vomitting sensation, take Jeera and Ajwain(Ova) and boil it in water and drink such hot syrup. You will feel better.

Stretching can keep you away from muscle pulls. Even in your workplace, keep stretching once in a while.

Cold(getting caught in rain, or driving in cold wind) can bring out suppressed body aches. Eucalyptus Oil by VLCC is good, massage and bath with hot water. Moov gel is good too. Volini gel is good too, somewhat artificial and strong in sensation. Volini spray can be used upon doctor's guidance. Theme here is to divert mind to other sensations. Taking attention to that part of body and breathing will also remove the pain.

Lots of water and Triphala will take care of constipation if any. Any stomach pain after it has been emptied could be due to pain to muscles in stomach also. Moov gel is useful. Stomach muscles do a lot of work to move around the food in the long intenstine. That's why there is a saying
"One who eats only once a day is a Yogi
One who eats twice a day is Bhogi (One who has learnt to balance between spiritual practise and worldly matters)
One who eats thrice a day is Rogi (sure to get diseases sometime in life)
One who eats four or more times a day, is ready to die!"
The science behind this is simple, unlike other organs, if one eats often, one is not giving rest to the stomach. Stomach keeps working over the dinner even in sleep. And then once in a while it rebels.
18-30 years of age one needs to learn how to 1. eat, 2. sleep and 3. experience the sense objects in proper manner. This if done with knowledge can save oneself from troubles and lay a solid foundation for the rest of the life.

In Ayurveda, any intake is called Food. Normal food for body, Food for thought you get from hearing to others, Food for all senses that you get from sense objects. Certain category of such intake can become poison, overindulgence or improper intake. And certain intake can become Medicine. Anything that uplifts the life within you is medicine, anything that puts you down is a poison. Anything that sustains your life is food. Ashtavakra begins with a saying,
If you wish to attain freedom, drop the objects of senses like poison.
Why so? Why would he call some objects of senses which seem to give pleasure as poison?
Because in your mind you will not have this craving or desire for something that is poisonous. When one thinks of objects of senses as sweets, mind craves for it.
In Narada Bhakti Sutras he says
Tarangapi Samudrayate
Even a slight indulgence in sense objects, which begins like a wave, turns into an ocean.
Hence keep distance from the sense objects.
Does it mean that you completely renounce them and cut yourself from the world?
No. This entire mechanism of sense objects and our interaction with them is explained wonderfully in Ch 2 of Bhagawat Geetha. May be sometime I will write a series on it. He says in verse 64, dropping all the cravings and aversions, experience the sense objects through sense organs.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brahmanaad in Guinness Book of Records

This is just a beginning! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mein Geburstag!

My birthday this year on 22nd Jan 2009 was very special! :)
They say lots of energy flows to you from all sides, on your birthday!
The day began with good morning calls wishing me happy birthday from my family...
Did Kriya, Hari Om Meditationa...
Gave myself nice veg sandwich from Namdhari, with an eggless pastry!
Worked..., was waiting for the evening!! :)
The YES!+ in HAL old Airport road started on that day. Had a great time meeting new young people from different walks of life!
Celebrated birthday there with all them singing for me, and wishing!!
I kept humming the song they sang for me, sagar mein ek lehar uthi tere naam ki, replacing tere with mere, personalising, and found a different depth to its meaning, as I was travelling to Ashram afterwards...
This time I didn't go for a cake, but gave everyone my favourite dharwad ka pedha!! Tasty, easy to carry, easy to distribute!
Travelled with KK to Ashram for the final top of the world experience:) See this video!!

Guruji garlanded me, spoke a little, was an out of world moment to look into his eyes!! I carried a lasting smile for no reason after that...
Hundreds of good wishes, right from the heart, made it a great day for me, and sure will be a fantastic year ahead!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Madness or Brilliance

I just love this scene from Pirates of Carribean part 1:- the curse of black pearl. Jack and Will need a ship to get back Will's proposed gf, who has been kidnapped. Now of course, they will take one of the ships that are already floating around, in a pirate's way!To avoid being sighted by the soldiers, Jack and Will get down under a boat that is lying upside down on the seashore. Soon the boat enters the water, and they start walking with its cover, AT THE BOTTOM of the sea!! They do so till they reach the Big Ship that they want to "borrow withouth permission!"
Will:- This is either madness or sheer Brilliance
Captain Sparrow:- Its strange how often these two traits coincide!! :)
Reminds me of the "tunnel" that we had in the Maharashtra Mandal Swimming Pool in Pune. They had made a cavity where 5 people could easily breath in, with water till their chest. I never went there, but my brother did. So its like you jump in a well, go through the tunnel, and reach that cavity and stay there for some time! Quite an adventure. Of course, they used to take safety precautions for all.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Have a walk!

Some days ago I met Rajesh Sarma (The Kingmaker), and among other things for health fitness, he told me to go for walks. Now I am generally quite averse to walking, so I thought he meant nearby in Koramangala. He continued saying, go from Koramangala to Ashram for a satsang, by walk! :) I burst into laughter, it was surprise and strange, but interesting! I am someone who won't go without cycle from hostel to institute(and now bike), and going for a walk so far was a challenge!

And so I started out one day! It was 4:30 in afternoon. I had just finished the "Hari Om" Meditation and ensured that I had a comfortable stomach. Sun was warm.
Felt good that I knew all short-cuts.
Got to know the real definition of one kilometer. I actually measured one after another.

Saw a nice temple on the side. I used to pass by it fast on my bike. Now I went in and had a nice darshan. It was Vishnu the deity of maintainance, lying on the multi-headed snake, signifying hightened awareness.

I was heading to satsang in Ashram, not on just another walk. So the goal was pristine. I was not in a hurry, so I observed carefully all the life around. People moving around in a hurried way, eating, laughing, doing daily chores, waiting, ...
I noticed that many people on this planet still don't have proper sanitation facilities and live in slums.
The goal was noble and means were tough. The body was in constant action, but mind was quite effortless.

I realised why lacs of people travel by foot for hundreds of kilometers just to visit the place where a sage left his body, or a place where they take a purifying bath or a place of a deity. They are far from being in misery or pain, the entire intention to get close to divine is giving them bubbles of joy within, with every footstep they take. They are leaving behind their normal life, and moving towards the divine.

I had some juice and moved on for few more kilometers. Reaching Kanakpura road felt good. However it was getting dark and after some time I ate some food and took a bus. Bit tired, but not exhausted. There were nice tingling sensations in the legs, kind of energizing every cell. Legs had opened up to a new liveliness and no more aversion for walking!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Washed Vada!

I have a friend who didn't want to eat the sugar syrup, still taste the Gulab Jamun. So he would wash the Gulab Jamun of all the sugar syrup, squeeze it out, and then eat!

I recently pondered over "oh God, what am I eating!"
It happened because of three things
+the weight that I have put on
+ one day after eating Idly wada or Poori Bhaji, I had to use soap solution, for there was oil on my hand. If so much oil is on my hand, how much would have gone in my stomach and how much fat it would have produced!
+ I took the meals plate in the self service counter, and realised how heavy it was. If it was heavy to carry in the hand, how much heavy it would be to digest!

Conclusion:- drop oil. So I take oil free dosa. Just roasted, not fried. But what to do about Vada, since I like it a lot! So I get it washed now a days! Following my friend's footsteps!
May be I can get it parceled in a paper, and let the paper absorb all oil.

Friday, January 9, 2009

3 visitors

A man named "SwayamVrata" had built a nice home on top of a hill. He lived noble life, served society and worshipped Divine. One day a young lady visited him, saying she is travelling and needs some rest, her name was Mediocracy. SwayamVrata gave her a room out of kindness. Mediocracy liked the place, and she visited him often. Slowly SwayamVrata's mind started diverting from his social service and noble attitude. He became more casual and unattentive.
One day, Mediocracy brought with her, her friend Lazyness. Lazyness promised SwayamVrata a lot of comfort, so he allowed her to stay with her friend Mediocracy for a few days. Lazyness pursued his mind to move from his present daily rituals to much comfortable ones, and to take less and lesser tasks in the day, and keep postponing those which were to be done today. To avoid climing everyday, he also gave up the beautiful house on top of hill, and settled in the hill's bottom in a small house.
Finally, the cousin of Lazyness, Uncleanliness walked in for some days. With Mediocracy, Lazyness and Uncleanliness around, the house was in a Mess, and SwayamVrata lost his control in his life.
Later that day, he saw his friend Anushasan, walking by happily, fit-n-fine. With help of Anushasan, Swayamvrata asked the three ladies to move out of house, and got back to his noble life.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to sit on backseat of a two wheeler

I think this needs some kind of training, espacially if you are travelling with me on my Hond Activa.
1. Its not free. I charge 3Rs/km as a contribution towards petrol fund.
2. Don't grab my shoulders, they are important for me to balance and control the bike. A Gentle hold once in a while is OK.
3. Keep distance, there is ample space on Honda Activa. Also don't sit so disconnected that I will have to look back to know if you are there!
4. I know you are curious of what's happening in front of the road, and I am Huge enough to block it. But don't bend on right or left, I can easily make out, because, to balance the bike, then I have to bend in opposite direction! And Since I can't really bend, it puts unequal stress on two sides of my back, which is unhealthy.
5. So, to check if you are sitting properly, I need to rest my feet on ground, in the beginning, and when your feet are not on the ground, I need to make sure if there is same pressure on both of my feet. This holds good even if you are sitting both legs one sided.
6. Don't teach me how to drive, slow or fast. If you wish, you can take the driver's seat! FYI, I have an RTO approved licence.
7. If told in advance, an extra helmet can be made available. You travel on my bike at Your Risk.
8. Don't expect me to travel more for your sake, be happy to get to travel on my bike for the tour-length on which I am also travelling.
9. Humming is ok, and I won't mind you telling me to have a break and get some snack on a long journey.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Raising Valour

Raising the valour within is one of the ways to get out of any problems...
When you roar like a lion or walk with the majesty of an elephant, problems dare not stand in front of you.

This is a Marathi song...
Some of the lines mean...:

Brave we soldiers
Whom are we afraid off
For country, divine and righteousness
We have put our life on stake

From the womb of mother
We learnt the spirit of fight
We married the sword and loved it
Lacs of hits it can withstand, such a brave heart we have

Either win or drop dead in battle
This is all what we know
Fight and die, Live after death
This is all what we know

For the country
We gave up all the affection and relations
For country, divine and righteousness
We have put our life on stake

Brave we soldiers
Whom are we afraid off

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Book Review: Food Revolution

Check it out here. And have a great vegetarian year ahead!

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