Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whether you know... or don’t know!

This article is merely an obvious restatement of the fact that “Jane tu …” simply rocks!

Its such a good make... got me back to my college days… A cool group of boys and girls who share the days of college, which pass by so fast, that one doesn’t know how it passed. When Aditi asks Jai‘s mother,"How did so many days pass!?", she says, ‘on phone, beta!’

A fantastic way of telling a story inside a story is so nice… the girl listening the story exemplifies the audience, that is you.

I wasn’t understanding what I liked about the hero, and as Mahesh pointed out, its simply that he doesn’t do any heroism! He is simply there, playing his character naturally.

I would love to make such kind of a movie!

In fact more of such movies are needed, where I can feel it’s just me there, not some director moving the characters fancied by some whimsical script writer!

And there is so much talent available in all youth in India. It needs to be rightly portrayed.

Lightness to live life, fragrance of love, emotional depth and bellyful laughter make “Jane Tu” a fantastic watch! Especially at PVR Forum on weekdays 10 am!


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hey there!

jai gurudev

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hey there!
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