Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tasty Bytes, Nature Fresh and Cool Joint

Tasty bytes
A hotel which gives you what its name promises! Tasty bytes is a very nice homely like food joint in JPNagar. You get hot parathas, chapattis, various vegetables and variety of desserts. If you are couple or quadruple, you can sit there and enjoy the food, for more people take a quick parcel! They have two outlets.
Nature Fresh
This is a Juice and Sandwich junction in the same lane as Tasty Bytes... Good news is that its one of those rare joints in Bangalore that is open even till 11:30... Awesome juices, fruitsalads and sandwiches!
Cool Joint
Who in Bangalore’s central area Jayanagar won’t know Cool Joint! My favorite for sandwiches, juices and ice creams… Check out their “Jungle book” combo! Decorated delicious delight!


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