Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy

"This is a humanoid from Planet Earth speaking...
All Planet Earth members are hereby informed of the Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy, in case they want to go for shopping and such stuff in other planets, and want to do it in a hitchhiker's way!"

Ha ha ha!
Much more fun to read this book by Douglas Adams... Its giving me a laughing time for last one week!

The Wiki entry speaks lot about it, which I will leave on to you to explore! Also check Bawa's blog entry.



Faith Lasts said...

Sounds weirdly funny. Gotta read it.
I am kinda panicky. Seriously

Abhay Karnataki said...

oh ok.
Don't panic! you will be transported throught the bundle of space-time to the distant parts of the universe without much harm... arrrh.. an doss of alcohol would be of help! hahaha

its kind of addictive too. Once you get used to space journey, going from Koramangala to Banashankari may not be so interesting! :)

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