Wednesday, July 16, 2008

… in love …

(I am ) in love (with you).
(You are ) in love (with him).
(They are ) in love (with each other).

In all these expressions, what is common is being “in love”! And that is what makes a big difference. People take so much pride in saying “I love you”, to the person they love. Of course it is needed to be said, but know that you are not doing any favor to that person by loving him or her! When you are in love, what is happening inside you… A certain consolidation of life force energy, certain sensations that are very pleasing, a certain pain of longing also, a certain feeling of oneness or belongingness…
Of course the other person may have been responsible or a cause for this to happen inside you, but what we forget in the process of being in love is what is this happening inside us. We label it to the other person, and when next time that if the presence of that person doesn’t cause that experience we have within, then our love for that person weakens…Observing what’s happening inside us, gives strength to the love we have for others. Then it can’t be taken away by events or circumstances, people and emotional outbursts.


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