Sunday, July 27, 2008

Troubleshooting in html

Ok. So, being a reader of Blogsutras I am sure you would have opened a gmail/ blogger account, got a blog template, and started blogging! So let's say you have got these basic things done, and your blog looks something like this:

Now those who happen to visit your fresh blog may not visit again, but if they like the first post, they might want to be able to get updates automatically. Utilities like Google reader get the new info on any sites and give it to the reader. To make it easy for your readers to subscribe to any such utilities, you need to have a feed on your site. Go to Give the url of your blogpage, and click next. Choose RSS and click next. Give username password and email address, and Activate your feed. Click next until you get a page like this:

Go to Publicize your feed, and click on friendly graphic link. Choose standard feed icon. Now comes the tricky part... Go to the box where you see the html text to be copied to your template. It will be something like this:

Copy that html... Dont need to understand much, though its not much difficult! To put it in your template, open a new browser window, sign into the blogpage, goto manage layout and Edit Html. There will be a jungle of html syntax and instructions! Don't get baffled. Click on the editing window, and with Ctrl+F or from Edit-> Find, search for `About me'. You are likely to get a result like this:

Check the enlarged view of above image for better clarity. Insert your html as shown below:

Click on preview, and hurray! You will see the Feed icon on your blog page:

Don't worry if you don't see the icon at the expected location below "About me", just change the location of your feedburner text so that it doesn't come in way of <> pairs.

p.s. This is my article entry to Bawa's competition on Blogging tutorial!


Faith Lasts said...

My feedburner seems a little out of i wish i could shift it more to the right.

Faith Lasts said...

Got the answer///
It was such a cinch what with the layout, add HTML/Java Script action
All set :)

Faith Lasts said...

Both the links on RSS and Entrecard in your post..seem to open the same page...

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