Wednesday, June 25, 2008


1. b3 b5 2. Bb2 Bb7 3. Nf3 Bxf3 4. exf3 b4 5. d4 d5 6. Nd2 f5 7. Bd3 g6 8. O-O Nf6 9. Re1 Bg7 10. c4 bxc3 11. Bxc3 O-O 12. Nf1 a5 13. Rc1 Nbd7 14. Bb5 Nb6 15. Bc6 Ra6 16. Qd3 Ra7 17. Ne3 Qd6 18. Bb2 a4 19. Qb5 axb3 20. axb3 Ra2 21. Rc2 f4 22. Nd1 g5 23. Nc3 Ra7 24. Rce2 g4 !!

25. Rxe7 g3 26. fxg3 fxg3
27. hxg3 Qxg3 28. Nxd5 Ra2 !!

29. Nxf6+ Bxf6 30. R7e2 Rxb2 31. Rd1 Rxe2 32. Qxe2
Rd8 33. d5 Be5 34. Qd3 Rd6 35. Rd2 Rh6 36. Kf1 Rh1+ 37. Ke2 Re1#
{White checkmated} 0-1

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Pal Pal Pal Pal har Pal, Kaise katega har pal, har pal !?

An intense longing for the beloved expressed in a playful manner! She is so beautiful and He is so dedicated!

Piya Bole, Piya Bole, Kya ye bole, Janu na...

Lovely! Flowing lyrics and sweet melodious music.

Maine Socha Na Tha

An unbelievable phenomenon on this planet... His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar.
So fortunate I am to have met him.

Tu Bin Bataye

Leap of faith in the unknown, with a torch of love in one's hand...

Gali Mein Aaj Chaand Nikla

Friday, June 20, 2008

Doctors are Angels!

God sent them on earth to remove all pain...! You just think of them, and sometimes the disease goes away... And if things go worse, just visit them, and they have a specialised skill to simply heal you...!
I had few minor operations in childhood. A gentle caring voice and a swift skillful surgeon:- made my body from hell to heaven!
I had a cavity in my teeth, and food used to get stuck, and it would pain. But I was bit fearful of an injection in the teeth base, so I kept postponing the treatment. One day it grew so much, I couldn't bear it at all.. I took help of the rescue team : Dentist Hema, Supriya and their friend ! A small injection which didn't hurt at all and a 10 min surgery procedure... Rootcanal was over and out! Pain was nowhere to be found. Subsequent days I was totally relieved of any teeth problems whatsover!
One day during driving on two wheeler something went into my right eye. I saw myself in mirror, showed my eye to my friends... The eye was normal when open, and it would pain when closed... two nights I postponed. Then Dr. Preethi in Devi Eye Hospital viewed it under microscope, and noticed a white foreign body below my eyelid. In a gentle flash of cotton she removed it! All pain was gone again!
The technology is also so advanced now... When I underwent the Root Canal treatment, the Surgeon had the finest rotating drillbits. When I tested my eye, the doctor had a well positioned microscope, a well positioned torch, and when I couldn't tolerate the twisting of eyelid-to check if something was beneath it- she even put a few anasthetic drops in the eye!
I like to combine Naturopathy and Allopathy for my health. Ayurveda is my favourite for Natural health. It heals the body from the root cause of disease- so that the disease doesn't take bigger form. Simple medicines, few simple techniques of Ayurveda have brought so much comfort in my life.
Ayurvedic doctors are like magicians... you don't have to tell them what is your health concern! They will tell you your medical history! Just by checking your pulse for few seconds...! Its simply amazing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Making Physics Popular at college level

Making Physics Popular at college level
Abhay Karnataki,MSc Physics,IIT Bombay,2nd Year student,February 19, 2003

... the power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy, except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superuous."
This apt remark is a telling comment on the state of instruction and remains as true today as when it was rst quoted by Edward Gibbon. There is a natural inclination in every child, starting from vastness of astronomical objects, as to know how this world works, what laws govern the nature around us. Since this is the subject matter of Physics, there is so much a need to
us to recognize and implement the best possible and natural methodology of imparting physics. Conventional education bombards the students with a gamut of equations which leaves the student grasping for breath. What is needed is a literature that complements this maths with a lucid physical description of phenomena, so as to bring out its natural properties, and
sustain interest and motivation of students.
To this end the books play a very important roll, since the students can spend most of their time with these. Following monumental books form the best foundation in Physics one can have:
Resnick and Halliday.
Berkeley Physics Course, 5 Volumes.
Feynman lecture series, 3 Volumes.
Surely there would be some other combinations, but these are time tested.
Resnick and Halliday develops a curiosity about the methods of Physics and gives a visa to the generalizations of theories, gives glimpses of frontiers, relates the concepts to the real world surrounding us through numerous daily life examples.
Berkeley course endures the student with a rigorous and complete background of future studies. It gives precise limitations and scope of the theory
being presented. The problems are very interesting and give an insight in understanding almost all essential basics of physics. Both of the above give excellent order of magnitude calculations, something which is very important to give a feel of the subject.
Feynman lectures are universally acknowledged as being the best lecture series we ever had on Physics. With his endearing charm and uncharacteristically disarming style of an engaging Physics Teacher, Feynman covers most of Physics in a manner that could be understood by a dedicated beginner. However, no Physics course is complete without the tutorials and recitation
sessions, in which the students are grilled in the concepts told. This is where above books and educators come in. They are in a position to complement the course by giving due emphasis to the appropriate nuances of the subject and clarify the perspectives.
Apart from the books, the next important thing that brings students close to Physics is the experiments. I strongly feel that there is a need of setting up of the experiments rather than doing just observations of already setup experiments. The students must learn how to play with the apparatus, rather than just number crunching. Certainly, the current group of experiments should be retained, but alongside the students should be encouraged to set up some, possibly without grading them on the basis of those setups.
Following areas are very easy to explore:
 Electronics: let them make some simple ligingcircuits! ! Even without understanding how a diode works... BSc students could be encouraged to setting up some Power Supplies, Digital counters. And at the final year some experiments that might involve microprocessors.
 Simple mechanical experiments: using gears, batteries, motors, levers, bearings... the aim of these experiments need not be something directly useful, but something which conveys the essential Physics behind actual real life working systems. Third Volume of Berkeley Physics Course, Waves, provides an excellent set of home experiments.
 Computer programming: Computers should be brought into the work experience of students at an earlier stage. Without bothering too much about the details of programming languages, they should be given a first hand experience of the softwares available. Internet education plays an important role in fast and up to date knowledge of the subject. It has broadened the capacity of the individual to access the vast amount of data. Following activities would be of interest:
-function plotting using softwares.
-plotting trajectories of charged particles in various combinations of E and B fields.
-generation of fractals.
-viewing 3 D images of solids.
Study of classic experiments: some of the classic experiments like Millikan's oil drop experiment, J.J. Thomson's e/m measurement, Michelson's interferometer which are possibly available to undergraduates, should be studied in very much greater detail. The constraints of time should be uplifted
from the students, so should be the burdens of being evaluated for doing the experiment, and its completion. For, the spirit of scientific adventure ( so essential for the joy of doing Physics) can be experienced only in a liberal academic atmosphere free from such mundane constraints.
The courses should be designed so that there is maximum correlation of theory taught and experiments performed. The idea should not necessarily be to cover the entire syllabus, but to convey the essential physics in the subject and to inspire the student by conveying the personal excitement of learning the subject. An inspired student will learn much more on his/ her
own, than what can be taught in the class rooms. A certain care about delicate balance of students' psychological, emotional
inclinations is to be taken by the teachers. I believe that there are no bad students, there are only fast and slow students. Some people grasp some things fast and some do it slowly. There should be both, freedom and care, on the part of the teacher. Teachers can give freedom to self progress and go much ahead in the subject to the fast students, and they have to pay
more attention to those who grasp it slowly.Only a good work culture in the class can impel simultaneous growth of all. To help this grow, assignments can be given by clubbing fast and slow students, where slow students present the conclusions of the work. Such group discussions and seminars of students
would be very helpful.
"Problems for toffies" - this is something which works very well! The idea is to have healthy competition with excitement of prize.
Another activity that can be encouraged is reading of simple, early original papers. These are the landmark papers, which mark the history of science, and milestones in scienti c progress. Since the facts discovered then, are now firmly established and have became accessible to the novice, the
concepts in the papers are easily understandable. On the other hand, the joy of discovery presented in the original papers is unmatched by any later substitute on the same topic.
Often we can celebrate the birth anniversery of a Physicist, with a series of discussions of his/her best works. A wonderful course on Classical Physics through work of Sir G. I. Taylor is being oered in MIT and Harvard. It is an excellent example demonstrating how a single scientist's work can be so
beneficial and illustrating with a wide variety of research areas.
I thank all my teachers who guided me and introduced to the fascinating world of science and in particular Physics.
Let's make learning Physics a celebration.

PS. This article won first prize in a Science essay competition. It was briefly edited by my then friend and now scientist, Ashutosh Jogalekar. You can visit his blog .

Sunday, June 15, 2008

500 feet above the ground!

Imagine floating mid-air, with no support of anything, being swung by great wind blowing on your face, and nearest point on earth is 500 feet below you! --- That's para sailing...!
My friend Milind and I have this zeal for adventure sports. And when we get a chance, we don't look back or keep thinking, we just do it! And so was our adventure of Para sailing. It was arranged by Nisarga group in the dry Lake bed near Hosakote. Its a huge (few km in radius) lake bed. Totally flat and lot of wind. So at the beginning of flight, your parachute is blown up with lot of air:-

You are tied to a jeep at the other end. And as soon as the jeep moves, you get a gentle lift in the air... And there you are...! As the jeep picks up the speed, your parachute gets filled in with more and more air, and you rise up in sky!!

Very soon, you can see the horizon in all directions! And the air current makes you float. A small imbalance and you will tend to 'feel' as if you are falling that side! But you don't...! And you feel so weightless, as if you are like a feather.. A fear of falling down rises in you, but you keep floating without support! You can't even grab on something for support anyways!Two minutes of this ride, its a thrill!
As the jeep slows down, you slowly come down, and there is a person to catch you! Its so systematic and well practised, that its as if you are parcelled through air!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hogenekkal Falls

On the way back from our "Workshop on Interestellar Dust", in Kavalur, we visited the Hogenekkal Falls. Hoge nekkal means milk in rocks! Who says scientists don't have fun!? Here are few snaps:-

The small dot you see in the valley... those are my friends in a circular boat!

~Milk in Rocks!~

The circular boat is a fun! Its an amazing experience when the boatman just rotates the boat very fast!

After a shower in falls...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is it Love? Really?

Some people discuss whether love at first sight exists, some wonder about it, some wait for it, some wish it never happened!

Love is effortless. To read this blog needs an effort, to love someone needs no effort!

Then there are those who wonder if is it Love? Really?

Ok, let me ask you something. When its dawn, there is some light, and some part of the room is still not lit. Do you question, is this light? Do you question in the totally dark room, is this darkness? Same here. No point in questioning love! When you are questioning something, it means it is already there...

Give me 5 kg of love please.

Sounds ridiculous? Yes it is! Because Love can't be measured! Still, people keep saying, I love this more, that more, they compare - as if it came in dozens or meters. 3 meter of love for person A is more than 2 meter of love for person B! So ridiculous to compare your love for someone with love for someone else!

What can be measured, is an illusion. e.g. 5 kg rice would "feel" to be of some "weight" on earth, and it would be "feel" to be of less "weight" on moon. Its relative.

What is absolute is that it is rice, 5 kg or not.


Vaahan means Vehicle. What does a vehicle do... It takes someone from one place to another. Without a vehicle, the journey is not easy. Better and more personal the vehicle, better the journey! That's why I think all Gods and Godesses have their own vehicles! Its interesting, Ganesha has a Mouse as a vehicle, Saraswati has an Eagle as a vehicle. What does it mean? Why would one like to ride on a Mouse! A mouse simbolises constant effort in one direction. What does it do - it will cut the container with its teeth and get the grains. Ganesha is the lord of wisdom. The vehicle to attain wisdom, is one pointed query. Like the mouse cuts the threads of a container, you need to cut through any situation with the one pointed query.
Saraswati is an embodiment of Knowledge. One who has knowledge, rises above problems in life, like the Eagle glides the oceans and mountains in as effortless manner!
This body that I live in, is also a vehicle. It takes me from place to place, to see and perceive things. Like the man in the car drives the car, I live in this body, and perform the actions of body.

Wisdom Cafe Lounge - A friend's place

I have been thinking of writing on this wonderful eatout place called 'Wisdom Cafe Lounge'.Have you ever heard of people sharing their home for others to come,have fun and at the same time food?Mahesh was saying me about this place.Oneday Mahesh and myself went to check out the place.Initially I could not believe seeing people serving food with smiling face.My experience so far in Bangalore hotels have been different.Finally I came to know that this is not an another hotel in the city.Jaspal is running this Wisdom Cafe Lounge and here you will get all kinds of feasts: feast for your ears,eyes and also for stomach.You can listen to music, Yes they are having Guitar,Drums,Keyboard and other musical instruments.Recently they had musical night along with dinner.But I was late from office and couldn't make it.The ambience was nice and the interiors are very soothing to eyes.They also having artifacts made by Tribals of Kanyakumari.Product collection was good and has got variety.You are contributing to the Tribal welfare by buying one of these products.Very delicious Phulkas,Chutney,Noodles,Dosa and many more items, you get here.Ginger Tea is the one you need to take after your food if you have the habit of drinking Tea.It's very tasty with the tinge of Ginger taste unlike ordinary teas you get outside.Parathas will tempt you have more.All are freshly cooked and served.If you ever come to Koramangala don't miss this place.You would love to come again.You can reach this place from Koramangala Sony world signal by coming towards HSR layout, Behind a Levis showroom.

With love

Love you Mahesh!!

Mahesh is a friend of mine, a happy cheerful guy. There are many occassions he made me laugh and gave me a break and got me a strength.
Today he had a blissful day and showered that bliss on me! He was happy to have received the superb speaker he had procurred in US. He gave me a dinner treat in Wisdom Lounge - a nice place I will write about later.Then we listened to some really cool music, `Summer of 69', `RDB songs' and so on, on his brand new speaker, with his IPOD plugged in. I had a great time lying under the fan on the Big Beanbag he has. Then came the series of surprises. He gifted me a fantastic 'Fasttrack' watch. Its got this nice coloring and stylish design. Then he asked me to just check out one of his Reebock shoes. It fit me well. He gifted me that one too! The pair of shoes is just like the one I wished to buy sometime! And to complete the hat-trick he gave me a nice paperholder with globe at its base! Who won't want a generaous friend like him! :)
Love you Mahesh!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I got this nice boardgame:- "KogWorks". Its about forming chain of rotating wheels, and whoever forms the desired chain first wins... You can also block opponent's rotations. Its interesting to see the number of possibilities in the game! See their webpage.
I was wondering, in most of the games that we have, there is a competition between two people. The winner has to be Above someone to win. This aspect gets inculcated in people and they seem to be competing almost everywhere -even in a line for Idly Wada in a restaurant!
Why not to have some games which involve more of a partnership. Where winning simply means achieving something together. Where a Team Effort is needed, and competition is with oneself, rather than others. Where the interdependence is realised. Such games are the need of time.
In Japan, the country famous for teamwork, this aspect is inculcated right from Childhood. Their, the toys are heavy, so two three children have to together lift it!

Stability of Vehicles

You think you do a big job when you are balancing a 2 wheeler while driving it? You hardly do anything! A major role is played by rotating wheel. To see why, just imagine yourself balancing the 2 wheeler that is stationary, for as long as you generally drive! Balancing a stationary 2 wheeler is tough. Do it with cycle, you will have to do some good amount of acrobatics!

Why would a rotating wheel be more stable? What is fall of a bike? Its essentially tilt that doesn't reverse, and continues till it touches the ground. A rotating wheel, when tilted, actually turns - that's how you take turns - rather than falling by side.

A complex mechanics equation and formulae and vectors show why this is necessary. To get a simple idea, think of it this way:- a sledge moving on ice has a tendency to move in the same direction. If you apply sideways force, the direction of motion will be very slightly changed to that side, while it continues to move in more or less same direction.

In case of rotating wheel, it has a tendency to continue to rotate around the same axis - say the axle of wheeel - unless you tilt it. When it is falling, it just shifts the direction of axle - like the small direction change in sledge motion - and continues to rotate around this new axis.

When a wheel tends to fall, instead of falling sideways and continuing to move in the same direction, it will change the direction of travel, and spiral towards fall. This is easily seen by anyone playing with a cycle wheel and pushing it by hitting at back. The wheel will roll on, and depending on which side it bends, it will spiral in that side and fall. What it doesn't do, is to go in straight direction and fall sideways!

Spinning top also shows the similar stability. It can balance itself on a needle end. It will keep balancing and rotating and once friction eats up the energy, it falls down spiralling.
It also shows another behaviour, when, after throwing it may not have landed vertically, and slight tilt causes its rotation axis to go in circle around the vertical axis. Notice that even though its tilted, because its rotating, it goes in circles, rather than falling down. A stationary top will simply fall down. This is called as Precession.

The larger the speed, more the stability. Of course, more speed invites other dangers.Also, this means that falling sideways is much easier on smaller speeds and sharper curves. So be careful!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Friction - Devil or God!?

Everywhere you see, one is attempting to reduce Friction. E.g. the lubricating oils in ball bearings, door hinges. However, have you thought about what would happen if there was no Friction!
Without Friction, you can't even walk on the floor! That's what happens, in rain, if the floor is slippery, you tend to fall down. Why, because the Friction has got reduced. Its a strange thing that the force of Friction, which opposes every motion, is actually supporting the entire mechanism of motion!
Let's say you want to walk. Now suppose you were in Space, then unless someone gave you a push, you wouldn't move from where you are! So when you walk, what you do is you push back on the ground. The only way you can push something is when you have some grip over it. That's Friction. Without Friction, when you attempt to walk, you will actually roll over and fall!
When a wheel moves on the floor, three things can happen: It can slide like a sledge- this happens when your wheels are break locked and there is no rotation of wheel, or It can rotate without any translation, as it happens when a wheel is stuck in a ditch of mud, and any amount of acceleration only gives it rotation, no translation. Third thing which is expected, normal behaviour, is rotation and translation. This can happen only when there is adequate Friction.
What is Friction. On a microscopic level, the smooth looking surface is not a regular plane. There are hills and valleys at atomic level. Whenever two surfaces meet, they form temporary contacts, and molecules of one surface invade in hills and valleys of other surface. They interlock and push each other. So if a top surface is moving forward on a bottom surface, the bottom surface pushes the top one back, and the top surface pulls the bottom one forward.
This is easily seen in case of liquids. The analog of Friction is Viscocity. An Oil is more viscous than water and Honey is more viscous than Oil. In a mixer, when the blade rotates, it carries along with it the layer of liquid next to it, and that layer drags the next layer with it and so on, the subsequent liquids are set in motion. Had there been no Viscocity, you wouldn't be able to stir your coffee!

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