Thursday, June 5, 2008


Vaahan means Vehicle. What does a vehicle do... It takes someone from one place to another. Without a vehicle, the journey is not easy. Better and more personal the vehicle, better the journey! That's why I think all Gods and Godesses have their own vehicles! Its interesting, Ganesha has a Mouse as a vehicle, Saraswati has an Eagle as a vehicle. What does it mean? Why would one like to ride on a Mouse! A mouse simbolises constant effort in one direction. What does it do - it will cut the container with its teeth and get the grains. Ganesha is the lord of wisdom. The vehicle to attain wisdom, is one pointed query. Like the mouse cuts the threads of a container, you need to cut through any situation with the one pointed query.
Saraswati is an embodiment of Knowledge. One who has knowledge, rises above problems in life, like the Eagle glides the oceans and mountains in as effortless manner!
This body that I live in, is also a vehicle. It takes me from place to place, to see and perceive things. Like the man in the car drives the car, I live in this body, and perform the actions of body.


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