Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wisdom Cafe Lounge - A friend's place

I have been thinking of writing on this wonderful eatout place called 'Wisdom Cafe Lounge'.Have you ever heard of people sharing their home for others to come,have fun and at the same time food?Mahesh was saying me about this place.Oneday Mahesh and myself went to check out the place.Initially I could not believe seeing people serving food with smiling face.My experience so far in Bangalore hotels have been different.Finally I came to know that this is not an another hotel in the city.Jaspal is running this Wisdom Cafe Lounge and here you will get all kinds of feasts: feast for your ears,eyes and also for stomach.You can listen to music, Yes they are having Guitar,Drums,Keyboard and other musical instruments.Recently they had musical night along with dinner.But I was late from office and couldn't make it.The ambience was nice and the interiors are very soothing to eyes.They also having artifacts made by Tribals of Kanyakumari.Product collection was good and has got variety.You are contributing to the Tribal welfare by buying one of these products.Very delicious Phulkas,Chutney,Noodles,Dosa and many more items, you get here.Ginger Tea is the one you need to take after your food if you have the habit of drinking Tea.It's very tasty with the tinge of Ginger taste unlike ordinary teas you get outside.Parathas will tempt you have more.All are freshly cooked and served.If you ever come to Koramangala don't miss this place.You would love to come again.You can reach this place from Koramangala Sony world signal by coming towards HSR layout, Behind a Levis showroom.

With love


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