Friday, June 20, 2008

Doctors are Angels!

God sent them on earth to remove all pain...! You just think of them, and sometimes the disease goes away... And if things go worse, just visit them, and they have a specialised skill to simply heal you...!
I had few minor operations in childhood. A gentle caring voice and a swift skillful surgeon:- made my body from hell to heaven!
I had a cavity in my teeth, and food used to get stuck, and it would pain. But I was bit fearful of an injection in the teeth base, so I kept postponing the treatment. One day it grew so much, I couldn't bear it at all.. I took help of the rescue team : Dentist Hema, Supriya and their friend ! A small injection which didn't hurt at all and a 10 min surgery procedure... Rootcanal was over and out! Pain was nowhere to be found. Subsequent days I was totally relieved of any teeth problems whatsover!
One day during driving on two wheeler something went into my right eye. I saw myself in mirror, showed my eye to my friends... The eye was normal when open, and it would pain when closed... two nights I postponed. Then Dr. Preethi in Devi Eye Hospital viewed it under microscope, and noticed a white foreign body below my eyelid. In a gentle flash of cotton she removed it! All pain was gone again!
The technology is also so advanced now... When I underwent the Root Canal treatment, the Surgeon had the finest rotating drillbits. When I tested my eye, the doctor had a well positioned microscope, a well positioned torch, and when I couldn't tolerate the twisting of eyelid-to check if something was beneath it- she even put a few anasthetic drops in the eye!
I like to combine Naturopathy and Allopathy for my health. Ayurveda is my favourite for Natural health. It heals the body from the root cause of disease- so that the disease doesn't take bigger form. Simple medicines, few simple techniques of Ayurveda have brought so much comfort in my life.
Ayurvedic doctors are like magicians... you don't have to tell them what is your health concern! They will tell you your medical history! Just by checking your pulse for few seconds...! Its simply amazing.


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