Thursday, June 5, 2008

Love you Mahesh!!

Mahesh is a friend of mine, a happy cheerful guy. There are many occassions he made me laugh and gave me a break and got me a strength.
Today he had a blissful day and showered that bliss on me! He was happy to have received the superb speaker he had procurred in US. He gave me a dinner treat in Wisdom Lounge - a nice place I will write about later.Then we listened to some really cool music, `Summer of 69', `RDB songs' and so on, on his brand new speaker, with his IPOD plugged in. I had a great time lying under the fan on the Big Beanbag he has. Then came the series of surprises. He gifted me a fantastic 'Fasttrack' watch. Its got this nice coloring and stylish design. Then he asked me to just check out one of his Reebock shoes. It fit me well. He gifted me that one too! The pair of shoes is just like the one I wished to buy sometime! And to complete the hat-trick he gave me a nice paperholder with globe at its base! Who won't want a generaous friend like him! :)
Love you Mahesh!!


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