Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is it Love? Really?

Some people discuss whether love at first sight exists, some wonder about it, some wait for it, some wish it never happened!

Love is effortless. To read this blog needs an effort, to love someone needs no effort!

Then there are those who wonder if is it Love? Really?

Ok, let me ask you something. When its dawn, there is some light, and some part of the room is still not lit. Do you question, is this light? Do you question in the totally dark room, is this darkness? Same here. No point in questioning love! When you are questioning something, it means it is already there...

Give me 5 kg of love please.

Sounds ridiculous? Yes it is! Because Love can't be measured! Still, people keep saying, I love this more, that more, they compare - as if it came in dozens or meters. 3 meter of love for person A is more than 2 meter of love for person B! So ridiculous to compare your love for someone with love for someone else!

What can be measured, is an illusion. e.g. 5 kg rice would "feel" to be of some "weight" on earth, and it would be "feel" to be of less "weight" on moon. Its relative.

What is absolute is that it is rice, 5 kg or not.


Unknown said...

Well spoken on love...a very difficult topic to broach

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