Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shower in noon!

I love bangalore weather. Its totally unpredictable! I was about to make a dosa for my lunch, when the wind started blowing and it started pouring... I paused for few min and finally decided and went to terrace! As Guruji says, we should dance in the rain! So did I! :) Singing `Dil hai Chhotasa, chhotisi aasha', then the next few tunes that came up were `Ganesh Sharanam ' and `Deva Manohara'...
The roads looked desserted when it poured, as seen from the terrace. I wondered, ohh, the Gods in the heaven are showering grace and people are shying away from it! What an irony!
After soaking thoroughly in the heavenly shower I returned to my room. I cooked a nice golden yellow - brown crisp dosa in few min, and ate it with Cheese Spread(Pepper). :)


Faith Lasts said...

Jai Gurudev
This write up was as crisp as the dosa.
Looking forward to the recipe. Please put up

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