Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chronicles of Narnia :- The Prince Capsian

I saw this nice movie today:- Chronicles of Narnia :- The Prince Capsian...

What would the world be like, if the animals started talking English, and trees started walking... Welcome to the world of Narnia... Beautiful jungles, lovely clean river water.

Narnians include horsemen too... creatures with human chest and head and horse's body and four legs. Human Narnians are short and proud of the woods. They love the nature and are in harmony with it...

Alas... some other human creatures find all this absurd, and are on way to cause total extinction of Narnians... Will they succeed..!? How will the prince Caspian save Narnians. How will the Elder(by hundreds of years, yet of same age in their Native as the Prince Caspian) Kings and Queens return to Narnia and help the Prince... Worth a watch, espacially in PVR Cinema.... :)


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