Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The dream called World

What is this world, but a long standing dream. For example, if you were thirsty before you slept, then in your dream you drink water and your thirst is satisfied. Same way had you been awake, when you drink water, the thirst is satisfied. So how is your life different than the dream. You may say that in real world it hurts when you fall on ground. It may not happen so in a dream. Actually it does, but lets look at the hurt in the real world. Say a scratching wound on your arm. How many days does it last!? Few days. If deep, a few weeks. Then its all normal. Then, you don't even feel the sensation of the wound. That being the case, how is the falling in real world different than that in a dream, except for a time lag- the impression of the fall in the mind lasts just for a short while, in a dream, while that in real life it lasts for a little longer. And then its all gone!

~~This Article is inspired by reading of the beatiful book called Yoga Vasishtha. Even the Matrix movie is based on few pages from a book and its absolutely relishing to read it.


Sunand said...

Dream itself is strange! And when there is nothing called time as such, there is no difference between life and dream!

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