Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Logan - The Canadian Mountain..

On May 14th Morning I woke up as usual.The previous day Mom had agreed to the idea of buying a car after long persistent effort from my side.Mahesh, my room mate had come back from Trichy that morning.When he entered the house I said 'I am buying a Car..Let's go and checkout nearby showrooms'.Didn't have much idea about the latest models.Also I was out of reach for any sort of Automobiles for quite sometime due to fracture on my Ankle joint.Will tell you more about that brave encounter of mine with that terrible accident in another post!
We then checked out some of the showrooms nearby and the nearer one happened to be
Mahindra Renault's Logan showroom.I had heard Logan was good in it's segment.
Abhay,Mahesh and myself went for test drive.I sat in the car and drove it.I felt really comfortable.The car is simply amazing and very very very spacious when compared to other cars in the same segment.The boot space is larger than Mercedes, I came to know from good friend of mine, Mr.Jaspal.Mr.Jaspal is an awesome person that you need to meet sometime or other.Will write more about him later.A tidbit about him: he is running his own Cafe Lounge in Bangalore.You will get delicious and yummy food over there.All foods are homemade!!
The car seemed best bet for that price and in its segment.After some analysis I came to know,1.4 Petrol version seems to be giving better mileage than some of the best selling hatchbacks in the market.I need see if it is correct.
Finally I booked the vehicle on May16
th morning as per the Panjangam timing(For people who don't know Tamil, it is Almanac my father uses, to tell the auspiciuos time).I need to find out the truth once I get the car.Misty Silver is the colour I'd chosen.Need to wait couple of weeks for the much awaited car.Can go for trips easily after that.Will be having more things to share after that.
Logan is second highest mountain in NA of 5900 meters approximately.Don't know why they have kept this name for this Car!!

With love


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