Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Meenakshi Temple

Sabari and I were returning from a college trip, and visited this beautiful temple called "Meenakshi Temple". There was lot of empty space, and evening time one could see the sky clearly. Children were enthusiastically taking prasadam. Very nice carvings and solid rocky foundation. It was as if the Divinity was saying aloud that its presence is strong and definite like rock, and infinite like the empty space.
The vibrations and the serene atmosphere could be easily noticed just stepping in the temple. The difference was very clear, out on the road, and in the temple premise. The Sun was about to set. I said to Sabari, " I was recalling all the seva that I have done so far. Its not much, and the rate at which I did it is also not significant. I extrapolated that and felt that the total seva done at the end of lifetime won't be much." Sabari replied,"It takes time to mature in Seva and get on a fast track in it." I also asked,"Its a truth that our Sun will become bigger and engulf the earth after a few lakh years. Its a long time, but its going to happen. Considering that we take births after births, what will happen to us then. Where will all souls go... Is it something similar to cosmic dissolution that Yoga Vasishtha talks about.." Sabari said, "Its like dissolving. You can dissolve and merge and become one right now. You are the Sun." I was quite satisfied with his answers and we left for home.
I wasn't much "for" visiting to temples, but now I feel a difference after any visit. Its like this, we are used to refer to God in third person:- as "He" or "She". But not as "You" or "I". However, as God is omnipresent, God is in You and I too. Visiting the temple does two things:- first, since one believes God is in Temple, atleast one feels closer to God. secondly, your belief in the presence of God gets stronger. So simple ways our Rishis have devised, yet they are so profound!


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