Tuesday, May 27, 2008


There are different kinds of fires. Some fires give smoke, no light. Some give light without smoke. Some give fragrance. We need to have a fire that gives light and fragrance, without smoke.
We need to chanelise the energy of life, so that the fire within us also results in light of knowledge and fragrance of happiness and warmth of love.

An ancient method that purifies the atmosphere and cleanses the mind is called "Agnihotra". Impurities in the atmosphere cause insects. Practise of Agnihotra has shown better crops, healthy trees, irradication of mosquitoes and cockroaches and many more things that bring harmony in the atmosphere.

Its the simplest Yagya that can be performed by any common man. In fact our ancient texts say that its a compulsory daily activity, not an optional one. Read how to do Agnihotra here.

Its also important to perform the Agnihotra on time of Sunrise and Sunset. There are four states of mind:- wide awake, totally asleep, dreaming and meditative. When you are awake, you may not be at rest. When you are sleeping, you are totally at rest, but there is no awareness. In dream, you are neither aware, nor rested:- sometimes after a night full of dreams, you wake up quite tired. In meditative state of mind, you are both aware and rested.
Similar to these states of mind, there are states of the Atmosphere and surroundings. You can experience a glimpse of meditative state of mind just before you wake up from sleep or just before you fall asleep. Similarly, Sunrise and Sunset are the times when its easiest to meditate. Also, these are cycles in the nature that affect the entire surroundings, body and mind. Synchronizing with them and energising the body, mind, surrounding at those times gives you total harmony and peace. Check the Sunrise and Sunset timings here.

In the Agnihotra fire, you offer Rice and Ghee and Chant few Mantras. The Mantras mean, I offer this to Sun, This energy is all Sun's, not mine. I offer this to the maintainer of entire society. This is all his, not mine. I offer this to the Fire, its all from fire, not mine.
Also, the rice grains need to be whole rice grains, not broken ones. What a nice way of keeping our sense for small details alive!
The practise sets in such a nice rhythm in your daily life, and you can resonate with the nature's frequency!


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