Friday, March 6, 2009

new venture

Thanks to Shaila and Maddy I am waking up at 4:30 types, which I can't believe in myself, and going for a group sadhana. Its a long term initiative (I would probably participate for atleast the summer, as otherwise I find Bengaluru pretty cold to get up so early) and its been three days now.
Its interesting to set out yourself when Sun is still on the other side of the planet, and check out what's happening outside.
When you are asleep, there is no problem in the mind- you only see the problems when you are awake- and also create problems! If the whole world goes to sleep on exactly the same time for 24 hours, I guess the problems in world would definitely reduce!
Its interesting though, even at 1 in night or 4/5 in early morning, in India, there are always some people on the streets. Its like, atleast some people dont sleep.
So when the mind is largely sleepy and little bit awake, in between 4-6am, and also there is so much silence outside, the meditation happens naturally! Its easy.
Plans are big. Let's see how things go.


Santhu said...

Its a good venture abhay :-)

suman said...

Tho aaj kahan the aap?? :-)

Abhay Karnataki said...

haha! was just checking out the "old life".
Should join tomorrow! :)
Also, one more venture this week has began... so bit engaged.

-- said...

"you only see the problems when you are awake- and also create problems! "

--That's true!

Unknown said...

Great.. Keep going! I struggle to even get up at 7 :)

Abhay Karnataki said...

hmmm. summer is over, so i also get up at about 7ish.Advanced course had put in a good habbit for one week or ten days. I used to get ready by 6.

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