Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wall Project
I love this activity some youth are doing:- They take permission of owners, and paint their walls! See the attached photos. Won't it be nice to have some interesting designs on the walls of the city homes!

If you would like to do similar activity, contact me!


Sunand said...


Abhay Karnataki said...

yeah, they have also painted the hath-gadi, the thing weight carrying workers use to push with hands... I think it generates lot of goodwill, has fun, adds value to lives of those people too!

Nidhi said...

This is really interesting [:)]

Have done a lot of activities like this during the college days... haven't been able to have the same fun now... will surely find some time and indulge in something creative like this soon :)

Santhu said...

Wow thats portaying your beautiful imagination in a artistic way !!

Wow the paintings were superb !!

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