Monday, November 3, 2008

Good news + general update...

Hello Everybody!!

I am a back from a much needed break and fun at home, celebrating my favourite Diwali festival!!

And today when I arrived at my desk, I have received the good news of acceptance of my first research paper for publication in Astrophysical journal!! hurray!
A publication is the only quantitative assessment of a researcher, and this is the best gift I could have asked for!

hmmmmm... Life seems to be all set to roll on now...

Back from Mumbai, I met up with Sabari last evening. We are generally used to meeting daily, and a gap of a week is like a long long time!
I updated him on what is happening in Maharashtra and Goa, we exchanged lots of new learnings about the game called "Life". He told me things I missed in YES!+ here. Even a week's gap in YES!+ activities, and it seems I have fallen out of place! After lot of gupshup and go-sip {"go-means-knowledge"!}, we went to attend Shant's brother's wedding. I met some more YES!+ friends there, and we had a great dinner. On the way we had bought a flower bouquet and I enjoyed learning how nicely he was packaging it. At the wedding, it was so nice celebrative atmosphere. Lots of interesting faces, there! :) I noticed some nice shining jewellary. In the dinner I enjoyed more of Puri and Chhole, Sabari liked more of rice variety. All of us liked the buttermilk! As soon as my stomach gave me a full signal, I stopped back this time...! Actually we are supposed to have 1/2 of our stomach with solids, 1/4th with liquid, and leave 1/4 empty! That empty quarter I have not experienced in my life! hahaha!
Back to Sabari's home we did some more go-ssip and I saw nice clothings for Sabari's wedding. hmmmm. The countdown has began, the tickets are booked by Mahesh!

Looks like a fantastic week ahead. My best wishes to you all too!!


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