Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lost Mobile.

I lost my mobile. I had previously 5-6 times lost/misplaced it, and miraculously found it back. This time, its giving no chance of return.
Once when I lost it, I really missed it so much, that getting it back was inevitable.
I always liked the nice colored display it had, and every digit would show up in different color.
Somehow, I was not able to keep it well. The back cover of battery had got lost, the battery was short lived. I wished to preserve it as a monument, and buy new one. Since this got delayed, I have now lost it for ever.
This sense of separation is bit painful!
There were so many nice messages of my friends in it...
It really served me well. Travelled with me to Germany, where I used it as a timekeeper.
It did lot of seva, brought people in knowledge.
It had more than 500 contacts, and fortunately I made a partial list of those, so I have some of them still with me on my comp. But half are lost.
It had a life of its own. Its battery in particular. It would stay on and on, even if the indicator showed emptiness, when I was on an important call !
Once it had got wet, and suddenly stopped working, all buttons stopped working. Soon, as it got more and more dried up, the buttons started working. It sprang back to life.
Hmmmmm. Its over now.
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suman said...

when did u take this pic then?
maybe u can put -
Mera Mobile
dd/mm/yy - dd/mm/yy


Abhay Karnataki said...

aare i had taken it when i had lost it last time and got it back! I wanted to showcase it, but ....

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