Friday, December 12, 2008

Travelling Light

I had so much pain to transport my luggage from old hostel to new one, even though it was so close. First, I had to throw out a hundred useless things I have been keeping around. It seems there is abundance of Vishnu Shakti- skill of maintenance in me, and a budding Shiva Shakti - the transformation energy. So I had to invoke all the Shiva Shakti and select only few things to be taken further to the new hostel.

Still the luggage was HugE!! Some 7 Cartons. I shiped some on my Activa, and 3 had to go in Institute's Vehicle.

I recalled this story:- " Just Passing Through " from Bawa's Blog. Its so important to Travel light in the life! The incident made me aware of what all things I have been accumulating for no reason!

And this is just from one home to another. This body is also a home, I am temporarily living in here. When I have to leave it and go, will I be able to travel light!?


Santhu said...

wow its a nice example to portray the luggage we carry evryday in our body :-)

vinay said...

Wow! Superb interpretation.

vinay said...

Wow! Beautiful interpretation. Keep posting more. would love to read such articles.

Abhay Karnataki said...

yeah Santosh, now that I have put on weight, and its getting tough to do yoga, I realize the importance of being light weight!

Faith Lasts said...

Yes! You will travel light.
Jai gurudev
Best wishes :-))

Abhay Karnataki said...

Danke Schon, Bhawana! that's kind of blessing. Jaigurudev.

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