Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Most difficult thing to hide...

You can easily hide the thoughts. Feelings are not so easy to hide, looking at someone, you can see what he/she is feeling. 

More subtler we go, its more difficult to hide! 
Love is most difficult thing to hide...
Yet, it is also most difficult thing to expres..!

There were days when movie songs would portray the dignity in love. There was some depth in the expression. When will the days come back
where we can have meaningful lyrics, written from heart, not intellect, and such devout singing that simply conveys the feeling, the longing?

since the days when the media has become so handy and easy, probably the producers have lost the depth of conveying it can give, so the production is so shallow.


Anonymous said...

yup thats right!! :)

aybi said...

feelings are indeed hard to hide. btw, i gave you an award. hope you could drop by my blog!

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