Thursday, August 14, 2008

Past, Present and Future

Past is like a `sent mail' isn't it! Having sent a mail there is no way to edit it. Nor can one go and create a new sent mail in between the old sent mails! So nothing new can be done about the past... It has passed, that's why its past. Also like the mails which you received and read. Some of the mails you have read already, and most of the sent mails (because they were for others!) are not of any use anymore. So you can discard them.

And future is like mails yet to come to Inbox. Now until they come, you can't read them. So no point in worrying about them, or wanting particular kind of mail! You can invite certain kind of mails, set up spam guards and ... wait!

Only present that you have is the mail you are currently reading, and the unread mails in the Inbox, and an option to compose!

Our set of actions or karmas is so similar to emails...! Living in the present moment is like a tight rope balance. One side is past, other side is future, if you bend too much on any side, gone!

To make the life simpler, we need to take help of what is in the present moment always... Like Devang says, "To draw a straight line, you use the ruler, to bring the mind in the present moment, you need to attend to Breath, since it is always in the present moment. " To see a wonderful poem on breath, click here.


Faith Lasts said...

A lucid piece. Easy to understand and attends to logic.

Santhu said...

nice way of giving examples :-)

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