Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Lonnng Weekend : - Part 1

I think there is a movie by that name. The last weekend of my life was also worth making a movie on!
It started with the Independence Day of India, the 15th August. I went to Institute for Flag hosting, but was bit late. I was angry on myself, for not getting up early, but decided to honour the flag and country's benefits in my heart every day, and then relaxed.

Coming back to home, with all that air of patriotism in my head, I started my suryanamaskars as usual. A thought came,"Oh I haven't done 108 suryanamaskars for so long." And then recalled the last time I did it was in Jan, and the whole things that had gone in my mind that time. I recalled that then also I had been planning an preparing myself for long to achieve that target. And Sabari said, "Why not to do it today!" And then I had taken up the task and just did it!
So this time also I decided to do it. 24, 36, .... Should I really do it!? Am I fit enough for it today !? The doubts started coming up. Should I do it next week after some more preparation!? Am I having doshas in the body, is there some vata that is stopping me from it!? Why I want to do it, is it my ego that is propelling, that "yes I can do it", or is it that I want to use this sadhana for some seva. I took a standing break as I always do, and continued. 48,49,....50. Ohh, I am yet to do 58 more!! Voila, but I have done 50 and I am not so tired... That's amazing! Taking more breaks, some water, throwing out the wet t-shirt (even in winter you will sweat if you do so many suryanamaskars!) and continued... 60, 65, 70! YESSS! I can do it, I am going to do 108 today. Yahoo! The mind was already filled with confidence instead of doubts.
75,80. 28 more. That much I do everyday, so I will do it now also. 90, 95,98,100!! I felt amazed, I could feel the kick that a batsman would be getting when he scores a century. I was wondering something about this number 100. Its all psychological you see. Its not a small number, and its not too big a number not to achieve! Did 108 and did 2 more, just in case I have messed up in counting sometime!
The rest after that was really pleasing. Didn't wish to move an inch! Nothing was in my mind.
It seems to me more like an adventurous trek, like climbing a hill... Only thing is most of time here it is with the eyes closed. And the only risk involved is that if you are too tired, you may fall from a height of 3 feet or so! As long as you don't overstretch yourself, its fun.

I know a number of youth now, who do 108 suryanamaskars. Its like 2.5 hours of gym or a long marathon run! When you want to take it up, consult those who have done it before, and do it in their company... Do it with proper preparation for few days beforehand.

That night my parents came... More about the time we spent together, coming soon...!


Faith Lasts said...

Jai Gurudev,
You mean, 108 sets or 54 set.
Anyways whichever is possible, you have inspired me to take it up. Especially I look forward to the "lying down" part. And then the blankness(for lack of a better word) of the mind.
Do More :))))

Abhay Karnataki said...

well, 54 sets... :)

yes yes, i know atleast 6 people now who do it often, let's all do it!

Faith Lasts said...

thanks man! count me in

Unknown said...

Do i need to prepare myself for days before I do it? What kind?

Abhay Karnataki said...

Rintu: Its good to get into habbit of doing 24 Suryanamaskars a day, for a week... I am used to SN because of Repeating lot of YES!+ courses...

And as you progress, focus on how you can make the same count of SN more effortless, rather than increasing to too many SN... IF you can do 24 SN effortlessly, you will do the 108 target with same ease...

Rintu said...

Matter of factly, I did 24 SNs yesterday after getting inspired by your effort! Interestingly, I am reading your response only now :-)

Santhu said...

u have really inspired me to do surya namaskara 108 times :-)

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